ECO dead or a joke.....?

  • Hi,
    First of all, a info, I can not speak English and use the Google Translator to write, hope one understands everything. And please reply in very simple English, thank you.

    Now on the topic.
    Yes, the title says it already. Is ECO dead, a joke or a project that is only intended to collect money for a completely different project?
    I mean at the beginning came in the forum daily answers from Devs or moderators and now almost never more.
    Up to version 5.6.1 a new staging alpha version came out daily, now for days no more.
    In the forum emerges more and more spam, with ominous links which is not removed.
    On Kickstarter starting from 250K no further Stretch Goals are specified.
    There are more and more bugs from version to version, there will be more, but none will be removed, there will be no fixes.
    Things that had a texture in 5.5 still have no texture in 5.6.

    I mean, this is all very confusing, even in an alpha. And is it easy to get the impression ECO is dead or just a joke, right?

    And is really going to Steam. Sorry but this is suicide, the steam commumnity is merciless.

    And do not misunderstand me, I love ECO. I'm slightly confused because of all this.

  • It's not dead. There have been several updates over the last few months and ECO is going into beta soon :)

  • @Internuntius said:

    Up to version 5.6.1 a new staging alpha version came out daily, now for days no more.

    in regards to this part they did say they are no longer adding new versions prior to the Beta, and with the Beta it will be on Steam.

    However i do agree, the lack of Mods and Dev activity in the forum and extremely long stretched project has begun to bring into question what is really going on. Strange-loop is developing other things at the same time so there is a good chance they are busy with something else or they are using this to fund stuff.

    All that could be true or it could be false, we will never know because sadly Developers are no longer transparent and it is the consumers fault. We allow companies to release Alphas and Betas while we throw money at them expecting the impossible to appear over night due to our need for instant gratification. This has forced developers to be secretive and elusive, all the while allowing them to either develop a great game or horde money because we keep throwing it at them.

    That being said, i did pay to support them 2 years ago, and have greatly enjoyed what we have so far. Even so much that I pay for a server to enjoy it with others. Fingers crossed these guys are really just developing the ECO to end all be all :D

  • Right now we are only working on eco and nothing else. And also eco is not dead ;) its alive and well. But there are allot of ups and down with users her. Its quite normal. especially between big patches with allot of new features. its also a holiday season for allot of people right now =) like me that just came back from a vacation ;)

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