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    Hello, we are the ECO Empire.

    Server Information

    • OS: Windows Server 2012
    • Processor: E5-1620
    • Ram: 64GB
    • Drives: Three Solid State's
    • Port: 1GB Dedicated
    • Located: North America



    • Jerrod / MajorCyto
    • Andrew

    More information can be found in our introduction topic to ECO Empire on our own forums. We have also set up a guild system on our forums that can be used to coordinate with other group members via private group forums and more! We have done some customizing already, such as changing the law center into the Empire's "Civic Center" which will allow anyone to view our servers laws at any time.

    During the alpha stage of the game we currently do not have any "over arching" rules for the world, we will allow the players to work together and see what they come up with. In the future once the game gets a little further along we will be adding our own mods and such as well. If you have any questions feel free to ask us and we hope to see some of you in the game! We look forward to what you all create.

    Please make sure to read our community guidelines, we do not put up with hacking, etc and will firewall ban after the first offense. We also follow a set of network policies set forward by "The Beta Net" network we are in.

  • Hello! i'm the other admin like Jerrod said above if you have any questions or concerns about the server etc please don't hesitate to pm me on here or our forums hope to see you guys soon!

  • We have about 5 active players now! Would love some more to join us. :]

  • @majorcyto @Andrew I've been having this issue, and this link also seems to have a fix for it.

  • @Sunflower4666 Oo, noted thank you for letting me know i have now restarted the server!

  • I regenerated the world since it blew up. :P

  • Greeted with a charming "Get out faggot" and DDoS threats, don't bother logging in here. Find a decent server.

  • Really? I'm sorry about that.. if you leave the players name with me i can make sure to ban them. Me and the other admin don't have a lot of time currently to monitor the server due to real life college finals. But i will be happy to remove any negative people like that.

  • Server is still not updated.