Factory and pipes dont work

  • seems you can not hook the factory up to pipes properly. ive tried all sides and the best i could do was get the smog to connect with a vertical pipe. However this did not prevent the rest of the smog in my pipe system from coming out at the factory rather then at the exhaust point.

    attached are photos of it, the factory is not running just other machines are.

    the leak

    main line on with factory disconnected
    main line running.png

    Closed loop on main line, no leaks.
    closed loop.png

    what i think it is, is the down spout connects back to the factory but i think its a dummy connection so there is nothing preventing smog from exiting there instead of traveling through the pipe.

    nvm that didnt work either, lol its just leaky.. ?
    2017-07-16 (4).png

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