[5.6.1] Pollution leaking from quary and buildings?

  • In 5.6 i stored my tailings in my old quary, i would put down a stock pile and make sure walls and floor and ceiling are either solid stone or filled in with bricks if it was earth or coal.

    I set up a hosted server on 5.6.1 and did the same thing, but now the polution is leaking from my quary. So i build a 7x7x7 building to store my tailing, i put a stockpile inside it again and filled it with tailings. No doors, no windows, just a big cube around the stockpile. But this also is leaking polution everywhere.

    Is this a bug? Am i doing something wrong? It used to work for me?

  • we use a 5x5x5 of unbroken stone with a stockpile in it for the tailing then use mortared stone to cap it.

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