Lasers are Trash, Don't even attempt Late Game

  • So the devs still haven't fixed the main point of the game....This is absolutely STUPID!! Why the hell would you make it so insanely hard to get everything for the laser when it doesn't even work?!? I know people in the forums have said they got it to work, I 100% don't believe them! I had 15 generators producing 15k power for 14 hours. The forum posts said it shouldn't take more than 9 hours. All 4 lasers and the computer lab detected each other. I had to use around 700 Gasoline just to run it that long. The lasers had their glowing animations like they were working. The lasers drained all of the gas and still didn't have the activate button. If somebody tries to tell me "Oh you have to make it run for 20 hours" I'm going to tell you you're as dumb as the devs.... I am so pissed off I spent 4 days of hell making/figuring out the lasers for them to do absolutely nothing. I guess I'll just turn off the meteor and stop caring.

    Don't even bother working towards the laser or getting the STUPID amount of resources for it, it will just piss you off and make you hate the game!

  • Alpha....

    With that said.. load up a local host game and just use /give to get what you need and test them out.

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