Graphic Issue on mac / all ground is black

  • Hello everyone,
    since i updated to 5.6 (equal on 5.6.1) every ground (dirt, sand, stone etc.) is just black and seems to be coal.
    On 5.5 i did not have any issues, and still dont have when i start it now. I tried to delete and download it new, but its still the same. Also the problem continued on the actual 5.6.1.
    I tried every option on the graphics menu, but nothing seems to work. does anyone have the same problems on mac or any solution for this problem?
    System is a macbook pro mid 2012, i7, 16gb ram, intel HD 4000/NVidia GT650M 1gb

  • I had the same issue. I opened 5.6 and 5.6.1 and it was like that. Also, all my tools were upside down. I saw someone had a similar issue earlier. I don't think they've worked out the graphics problems for mac yet. I'm waiting for an update to play again. It's a bit frustrating but hopefully they can work out the bug soon.

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