Australian Curriculum Integration

  • Hello all,

    I'm a science teacher from Churchlands Senior High School and I wanted to see if there were any Australian teachers here that would like to collaborate with me to design a sever where the world is already polluted. In this world, the students need to enter and try to reverse the effects.

    Ideas are very much welcome.

    Mr Coumbe

  • Hi @MrCoumbe,
    I stumbled across this video of Eco that while rather dated should provide you with some insight into Strange Loop Games future roadmap for Eco and thus a starting point for discussion:

    Eco - Online Ecosystem Simulation Game YouTube Video

  • @MrCoumbe said:

    Churchlands Senior High School

    Hi Mr Coumbe

    I'm interested in developing Edu scenarios for 100% RE rapid transition away from FF consumption (and animal agriculture which are 50% of Australian GHG emissions using 20 year GWP accounting — but that might have to come next after 100% RE).

    Currently I'm living in Perth but talking to east coast people about this too. Seems like a great way to introduce RE curriculum of the Cool Schools kind. Might give you a call this week to discuss, are you available if I call the school switchboard? I've been following Eco since the Indiegogo launch but only just bought licences to get involved. John K tells me at least one other person in a USA university is interested in 100% RE scenarios. Maybe Eco won't end up the vehicle for this, I was thinking something more like SimCity for a few years, but it's by miles closer than anything I've come across that is open to devs if not fully Open Source (fingers crossed one day for edu it's free given that USA DoE dropped $1m on it!).


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