Skill point awards for actions?

  • I understand this is a bit of a hot topic but I was wondering if anyone has figured out away to award skill points upon completion of a task? Ie making boards, smithing iron, and so on?

  • That sounds complicated, but i see it used is some cases.
    My first question would be: If Phlo crafts boards at Stormaffires 's workbench, who gets the skill points?

  • So I have a plan and kind of a drawing for it. But implementing isn't for sure yet.

    Some how piggy back on the crafting system...

    Player A starts project on whoever's table... will let 10 mins.

    Play A project is complete here is Y amount of points, please collect your project from the table.


    So ideally the one who starts the project gets the reward and it's scaled based on time not quantity so a 3 hour job is equal to 180 1 min jobs. If there's some way to use the /giveskillpoints playername,Y that be cool some script that runs separate would be best but it could be hard coded to all recipes. I'm trying some things but my limited coding knowledge does not help.

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