[US] Mediocre At Best [30 day meteor] 6.0 - discord.gg/usSRE2G

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    Discord: https://discord.gg/usSRE2G

    Come check us out, we have a growing community and no plans for a wipe till Beta or everyone really wants one prior :)

    Updated as of 9/28/2017
    SERVER UPDATED TO ALPHA 6! Fresh world!

    powered carts will move very fast on asphalt roads, woodcarts are beasts and move faster on cobblestone/asphalt, 7 lvls of stronger back now, 7 lvls of biggerstomach. Charcoal is made from logs now not lumber. Excavator increased storage capacity and requires steel to make now.

    30 day meteor! So best get to workin!!!

    also set to extremely high specialization. So good luck!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Server Updated to Alpha 6!!!!! See above for notes! enjoy and good luck!

  • Server just reset, we are now running 6.0.3 with a great community of helpful people. If you are looking for a server look no further then MAB!

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