Lasers and Computer Lab not detecting each other

  • I'm having an annoying issue with my lasers and computer lab. I have 12k power but when I set all 4 lasers down with the computer lab, not all of them detect each other. Some lasers say 4/4 others 3/4 etc. I got all 4 lasers to detect each other, but the computer lab wouldn't even detect itself. I really want to destroy the meteor instead of just turning it off. Here are some questions:
    Do all 4 need to be pointed in different directions?
    Does it matter what order they are sat down in?
    Does it matter what material is underneath the lasers?
    Does it matter how close they are to each other?
    I know it takes 10hrs but do all 4 lasers and computer lab need to show green in the computer lab to start charging?
    Even though the lasers say they take 3k power each, with all 4 down and the lab it says there is a 24k demand?
    Are there any kind of animations when it destroys the meteor?
    There hasn't been a server reboot after I set them down.

  • I guess if you're having issues with them detecting, re-logging fixes it. I logged off for a few hours and they are all detecting correctly. I hope it doesn't take 500 Gas to run 12 generators for 10 hours....I'll reply if it actually works or not.

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