How do u use the excuvator?

  • I managed to use it for some days ago, but today it dosent do anythign else then steer, not drive forward nor move the digging...

  • Hello Kenny,
    I've been struggling to find any information on how to make the excavator work and I think i figured it out last night.

    First, make sure you have some gasoline to power the excavator, without gas, it will not move at all. Once you have gasoline in the excavator, and you get in, you'll notice that it has the same driving mechanisim as the powered cart.
    W = Forward
    S = Back
    A/D = Left and Right

    When you are ready to use the scoop, press the number 1 key on the keyboard, this will switch you to that mode, and you'll notice AWSD no longer works. When you are done with the scoop, press the number 1 key again to switch to driving mode.

    Use the number pad to control the arm up down, left and right. Then use the mouse, and press the left mouse button to pickup items, and move the mouse up and down to move the arm forward and back.

    I hope this helps, I wish they would update the wiki with these new items.

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