Camas Bulbs

  • I found some recently but forgot where I found them. Can anyone tell me what type of area they are found in? Its not the jungle/wooded areas lol.. that's what I've surrounded by and I can only find ferns, beans and huckleberries but the camas bulbs were great for increasing skill points.

    Also, can anyone tell me any other great ways to increase skill points per day? Is there a certain meat that's good? Anything I can do that doesn't include eating? Etc...

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  • @Robmeister89
    Press "M" to open your map, click on the little arrow on the right border of the map, click on the drop dowm menu "none" and select "Camas", then turn your map using your mouse. The map shows you, yellow to red, where you find camas. The more red the area, the more camas are located there.


  • Very cool! Thank you!

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