Day 4- players still can't connect to my server

  • Ok guys, I need a little bit of help.

    Currently I'm trying to host a server from my own computer/router setup and nothing seems to be going right. Here's what I've tried:


    Right now i have the server set to public and the IPaddress set to any. I HAVE set it to my external IP address, or my IPv4 (10.0.***.***) and my actual IP address (73.216.***.***) but I still haven't had any luck. I also don't have my server set to whitelist:


    Next, I checked to be sure I allowed both ports 3000-3001 to go through my firewall, as I have proof here (I followed the exact setup for this using the ECO wiki as a reference):


    Lastly, I have set up my router to portforward using my xfinity gateway. IMPORTANT: Initially my computer DID have an IPv4 and an IPv6, however after some configuration with the network agents, we've disabled the DS-lite tunnel "IPv6" on my gateway.


    After setting up everything and making sure everythingall ports were forwarded and weren't being obstructed, i launched http://localhost:3001 to make sure the server was at least working. Then, by using a laptop connected to a different wifi service that wasn't my own, nor the one the server was using, i entered the external IP into the url "10.0.***.***:3001", but i STILL couldn't connect to it. SO what am I missing?! Thank you and I hope someone can shed some light.


    I just recently checked the chat logs after having the server run overnight from frustration and apparently overnight someone WAS able to access the server, but I'm not sure if this was a fluke or not because no matter what I try, when I try to connect to the external IP "10.0.***.***:3001" I still can't see the world map


  • Can anyone help?...

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