Has there ever been a revolution In the game?

  • As in the revolution of 1917 where the russian people over trew the Tsar...Has something like that ever happen in the game?

    I had no idea where to put this so I put it in Stories

  • In practice there is one guy that is running the server. It's probably not a good idea to revolt against that guy.

  • Yes, probably not ^^ so funny

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  • You can vote people out of office, that has happened. Eventually we'll have constitutions you can create, which determine the way the government operates, and some kind of revolution could change the constitution. Government is one of the main pillars of the game, so its something we're going to keep developing and expanding as long as Eco is in development.

  • I know this topic is old, but this has happened before. Back in mid July there was a guy (who we will "this/that guy") that was doing a pretty good job being world leader on our server. He got a huge group of people to work together to make a really big town. The only thing this guy wanted from his people was their loyalty and their property claim flags, so the town could expand. It eventually got really big and started bordering my property. I asked him to either add me to his deed, so I could mine the area where he had claimed next to where I had claimed, or unclaim that property. He didn't respond.

    Eventually, I get pretty sick of this guy continuing to claim land that directly bordered my land and not cock blocking me from my ore and sand. So I dump a stockpile's worth of tailings in the river right next to my house, which was also really close to where they had their wheat farms. Now, my land had been habitually polluted because I was the only one buying tailings, so they could be stored properly. I mean, sometimes people would sell me 60 tailings while I'm offline and 8 hours later when I get on, my land looks like the surface of mars.

    So, I go and dump 120 tailings in the river to get his attention, cause obviously being polite and asking him isn't working. It should also be noted that I hated this guy because the server got rolled back and that caused this guy to get the elections skill book before I did, instead of the other way around before the server had to be rolled back. So I was in a really bad mood.

    I dump these tailings in the river and they all flip out more so than usual. However, it does get his attention and I say, "I'll remove the tailings if you unclaim the land that directly borders me." So, he then claims all the land around me and blocks me in entirely. Eventually, we settle down and he unclaims the land to the west of my property, but keeps the land that directly borders my eastern side. and I remove the tailings. And he claims the river.

    Things go back to "normal" for a few days. He and his people build a bridge across the ocean and claim the bridge obviously. Then a new group forms their own town on the other continent that the bridge went to. A few days pass and the new people get their town up and running pretty well. They make their own currency and what not. Then things go crazy.

    That guy was always voted to be the world leader in the elections. He just bribed people to vote for him and that's how he won. When this new town gets up and running however, one of them runs for world leader and they are going to win. There is nothing that guy can do about it, except threaten his citizens to vote for him instead. He also threatens to revoke everyone's ability to use his shops because, since all the land was owned by him, he owned all the shops. He could also see who voted for him and who didn't because the voting system is broken like that, so it was really easy for him to see who he should remove. So he removed everyone, except me because I didn't want to be on his bad side, from the ability to use his shops or access anything on his land. I think some of his citizens still had perms, but not all.

    He also claimed all the land around the new people's town. When I say he claimed all the land, he went from owning like 25,000 square meters to owning about 35,000 square meters after he claimed all the land around the new town.

    Obviously, this made a lot of people really mad. A member of the new town was also a newly made admin of the server we played on. The new admin had a chat with that guy and it did not go well. That guy had obviously lost his mind or something. He was also very uncooperative with the admins, so the admins banned him, unclaimed all his property and for lack of a better word, peace came to the server.

  • Heheh, I remember that one. Epic story.
    As a result of that debacle, a whole city gate was built in commemoration for the event.

    Long. Live. Canuckistan.


  • What server was that?

  • This happened on the 327th server.

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