Transferring Electricity?

  • I was wondering how electricity works with the lights. I see there is a object in the files for a Transmission Pole, but I'm assuming it's not implemented at all. Does that mean if I build a city and want electric street lights/building lights, I have to build a generator in the vicinity of all of them?

  • Yes and no.. I haven't done that much testing with the transmission pole yet but what I do know is you can effectively have a power plant 300+ blocks away and shift the power with the transmission poles but I think you need a electric generator at the other end of your transmission poles to accept the power that your transmitting and be able to use the power. Btw atm you have to spawn in the transmission poles as an admin

  • Ah thanks a lot for letting me know they are actually a thing and need to be spawned in. Appreciate it!

  • All good mate

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