Carts busted?

  • Fired up a new game and placed my first cart. Loaded it up with some dirt, but I can't seem to move it, at all. Tried everything, then lost my shovel to it. Of course, I can't get my shovel back, because there's no way to get your tools back if you lose them it seems. I can't even open the cart inventory, as far as I can tell.

  • this sounds very strange.. are you on your own server/private host? also tools can be crafted at an anvil so all hope is not lost. if you are admin/host you could just use admin console commands and make things right.

  • I am, fortunately. Of course, I don't have the skill to make an anvil yet, so 'cheating' or wiping the entire world is the only fix.

  • @Raptor2213
    Often you can get your shovel back by doing the following: Go to your cart, focus the top frame of it (not the handle bars) and press "E" to open it.

    Also you could build yourself a new cart, place it beneathe the stuck one, focus the top frame of the new one, press "E", click on "storage", link the old one to the new one and transfer the stuff from the old to the new one, then take your shovel out of the new one.

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