Creating hard mode/more expensive skills mod or code change?

  • Hello all! so we are looking at the next wipe on our server changing the cost of skills to make it more difficult to get everything. so less jack of all trades and more specialized. I dont want to mess with food or daily skill points if possible just simply change the base value for skills back to more like they use to be.

    So i am a bit of a novice in the field of coding and was hoping i could simply find the skills file and change the values to what we want but i cant seem to locate the proper file. could anyone help? thanks!

  • That's what our admin has done, it is effectively 1000pts to max out a single skill. e.g Culinary Preparation lvl 10 - no idea how, sorry!

  • Hello! If you are the server owner or the server owner has given you FTP access you can change the files in mods/autogen/tech
    In the tech folder, all the skills are there for you to change :D

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