Meta-Eco [NA] Dedicated server 24/7 *Looking for staff*

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    Good evening! My name is Valour, a hard enthusiast in sandbox games quite like this and past Co-owner of multiple sandbox servers. Currently I'm in the midst's of creating a dedicated, 24/7 server called Meta-Eco, run with its own website (still in the process of being professionally created) along with a proper discord channel. At the moment however, I have it down for now as I don't plan on opening it until everything's finished and the server is stable and has the mod's I am currently looking for, however my dream is to continuously update this server with state of the art plugins, mods, and UI's, all of which I have experience with, it will just take time. For now however, I'm looking for a team that's interested in running this server with me along with the website/discord channel once it's open. Currently, I'm looking for:

    1. 4 server mods/testers (good knowledge of the game itself to help players, but right now I just need testers to test the server)

    2. 2 admins (well versed in commands/mods/and a tad bit in coding IF needed, not a requirement though but most certainly recommended)

    3. Web developer (someone who is willing to help me along in the process of creating the Meta-Eco website)

    For those wondering about the server itself, it will be fully operated from my high end setup and not be relying on any third party, so there should be no issues with connectivity

    My goal is to get this server functioning in excellent condition for when it launches to the masses, but of course it'll be available hopefully within the next few weeks, so if you're interested, please message me/send me a chat. You can also ask questions about the server here and I'll be happy to answer honestly. I'll create a separate forum for when the server is open. I don't want to publish something that's "half baked" for everyone. Thanks for reading!


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