How to upgrade from 5.6 to 5.6.1 ?

  • Hi,

    How would I go about upgrading from 5.6 Release to 5.6.1 and what are the patches / improvements in 5.6.1 please. thanks

  • For your client:
    Delete contents of the ECO folder
    Unzip the latest download into your Eco folder.
    You are upgraded

    To Upgrade Server and keep same world
    stop your server
    Delete all files from your server except in the stoarge folder and the, and in your Config folder from yoru EcoServer folder
    Unzip latest EcoServer into the EcoServer folder.
    If you changed your world size in then edit the new one to have the dimensions of your existing world. If you modded any other config files for the game you will need to mod them again
    start your server

    If you want to start a fresh world delete the and from your storage folder

  • Where is the file ?

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