Moving Stacks of 100 (usually crops) - Disconnects from Server

  • So i have made a Large Scale Farm on my server I play on. I usually harvest between 5-7k of each crop per day. I am often moving 1000s of Wheat, Beans, etc. from my inventory into Storage Chests. It often takes a long time for the stack to be registered as being moved. If i move a stack into a place where one is still waiting to be put it comes up with this error.

    Caught exception: Caught exception invoking RPC ViewRPC on Client!

    Caught exception invoking RPC MoveItems on LimitedInventory!

    Could not find target stack in target inventory!

    at Eco.Gameplay.Items.InventoryChangeSet.MoveStack(InventoryBase sourceInventory, ItemCollection sourceStack, InventoryBase targetInventory, ItemCollection targetStack)
    at Eco.Gameplay.Items.InventoryBase.MoveItems(ItemCollection sourceStack, InventoryBase targetInventory, ItemCollection targetStack, Player player)

    at Eco.Shared.Networking.RPCManager.TryInvoke(Object controller, String methodname, BSONObject bsonArgs, Object& result)
    at Eco.Shared.Networking.RPCManager.InvokeOn(BSONObject bson, Object controller, String methodname)
    at Eco.Plugins.Networking.Clients.Client.ViewRPC(Guid guid, String methodname, BSONObject bson)

    • My solution so far is to either wait, which as you can tell takes me a LONG time to move all my harvests. Or to move my backpack below the slots i'm dragging into so i can tell which ones I've moved them into as I go.

    My suggestion would also be for bigger stacks than 100, it feels very limited and I have ended up with 10 chests full of each different crop at one point. Also a Move All button if moving large quantities of the same item?

    Thanks :)

  • Can you please post this in github so that the devs can see it and have a record to track in?. there is a pinned post at the top of the support forum for how to post bugs with a link to the github

  • Oh sorry have read through that better now. :)

    Here is the github link:

    Also - It was happening to me on both Alpha 5.6 and 5.6.1 staging.

    (64 bit version of Eco - on 64 bit Windows 10)

    Easily Reproducible by dragging items quickly between Carts, Chests & Backpack.

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