Tailings and how to store them

  • We just got to the point on our 5.6 server that we need to start planning out how we are going to store tailings with the new stockpiles.
    So, like a smart cookie I came here first to find out how they should be stored, and yet I have found conflicting advice in the threads.

    In one thread it says to "store them in a stockpile surrounded on all sides by "stone that has NOT been picked" place the stockpile inside and link it to the bloomery.

    Now call me crazy but that is 100% impossible to achieve. You cannot hollow out the 5x5x5 space inside without making atleast a doorway into the room to make space for the stockpile. At least 2 stones would have to be mined in this scenario.

    Another thread says a 5x5x5 stockpile, surrounded by mortered stone, surrounded by dirt. While this seems easy to do, and what I would expect to work, another thread states that doing this led to ground pollution seeping out.

    So then, what do we do? You can't make a room in un-cut stone without cutting at least 2 stones to get inside, and if mortered stone covered in dirt also leaks, then we're at a loss here.

  • Have you tried far underground with the above solution but with a door on the room? On our server we had someone that dug a 50x50x10 hole. (It's actually about 30 blocks below surface) They placed stockpiles down there and surrounded them in Mortared Stone. She's not reported any ground pollution so far.

  • We haven't tried anything yet, wanted to know what actually worked before we invest time and resources, but we'll give this a shot and see how it goes. Thanks!

    Have you tried poking around the dirt above the spot to verify its not seeping through?

  • The tailing need to be buries surrounded by stone and dirt on all sides and top and bottom with no windows or doors. Some people report that even that leaks a bit but the devs said that buries in stone and dirt is the way to store tailings

  • I made a 5x6 (its the stockpile plus one high) hole on a stone mine, no broken stone at the walls and covered it in mortared stone. doesnt seem to be leaking or spreading

  • I am also at the point of needing to store tailings.. if you guys could report back I would really appreciate it. My problem is that I don't seem to have a steady enough "hand" to keep from picking the last row of stone for unbroken stone. Or I get to the last row and find ore down there. if I decide to say the heck with it and leave the ore would that work as well as stone. I'm spend WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy too much time on this. and I'm getting frustrated

  • My friends and me just use an underground hall with stone floor for our stockpiles. With one layer of air next to the stockpiles and one layer of air above the stockpiles.

  • ok... so I took out the iron ore block because I needed them put in mortared stone, We have a mixture of unbroken rock and mortared stone... it seems to be holding up very well pollution wise... we are still filling in the 5 x 5 x 5 "pit". Once we do that we will put mortared stone on top. I will update when that happens! BUT so far so good! :)

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