How to save before closing down server?

  • I've play a good 6 hour last night and closed down my server just to find out everything I did last night is now gone.
    My world regenerated itself and I thought it auto save. I've tried making new server and running around making land marks to see if it stay if I close and reopen my server. My technique seem to work sometime and sometime i get a fresh new world generated.. Please help, I have no clue what I'm doing wrong and why my world wouldn't save and keep regenerating itself.

  • The server does a auto-save and you should have had that saved at least only lost a few minutes of game play. If you lost the whole game save then there is something wrong other then just not shutting down correctly.

    If you have a hosted server you hosting company runs a script that gracefully shuts down your server and saves the data when you click the 'stop' button or link. If you are running your own server, before closing out the console you can force a save by going to 'storage' in the top menu and choosing one of the save options there.

    However, is the autosave is configured incorrectly, or is not working and the is not being saved correctly simply forcing a save may not save your game and you need to determine what is wrong with your server setup or configuration that is causing you to lose your world.

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