Eco Server 5.5 - 5.6 Error

  • Hello everyone and thanks for reading. When I'm trying to create a new world with different dimensions than ( 100 , 100 ) , the server crashes saying " The EcoServer has stoppped working". I have tried it with 120x120 , 150x150 , 500x500...

  • There are a couple of bugs with world dimensions. One is you cannot use any odd numbers. There is another that cause some sizes to crash. The devs say to only build 100X100 (default) 140X140 (2 times world) or 200X200 (4 times world)

    If you build anything larger then default you will need more RAM and more CPU and more time to accommodate the build. If it is still crashing when uses the 140X140 or 200X200 you may not have enough RAM or CPU to support a larger world

  • I have this problem also. The server I'm using has 16 gigs of ram - how much bigger are we talking?! I can't even go to 110 X 110 without a crash.

  • I should add, this is on the 7.1 server, not the previous versions.

  • @Sevidra have you tried the above mentioned world sizes. From what I remember some sizes can be buggy and as such it's kinda best to stick with 100x100, 140x140 or 200x200

  • I tried 140 and 200. 100 works. 110 does not.

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