Eco Trello Board

  • We've made our Trello board public! You can view it here:

    Currently public members can view and vote. People that become contributors and are editing source (once we open it) will be added as members and can comment and change tasks.

    There's only one task in there right now, but we'll start filling it up as we push towards alpha. Check out the ecosystem dev view task I put there, there's some open questions in there we'd like to figure out. I'll post a new topic about it in the forums here.

  • What exactly are votes and subscriptions?

  • You can vote on tasks, though it doesnt seem to be enabling for some reason..

  • What do votes do? Do they show we want those tasks to be completed next?

  • hello, I'm emanuel, watching this game for about a year and doing a good job, and I will be very nice if you can give me 2 key games to play with my friend

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