Prickly Pears?

  • Alright so I started up a server
    I'm on day 6
    Day 1 I noticed 0 prickly pears in the world
    I just now spawned some in out of curiosity and they don't seem to grow?
    Is there something wrong with the prickly pear?

  • What server version are you running?

  • 5.6

  • Well, all i can think is that you got unlucky on your world generation and got a lousy prickly pear count. Actually i would report that on github (see the how to report bug thread in bug reports topic in support category as a bug) because the game generation should give you at least one prickly pear so I would let the devs know that a world can be generated without any, there might be an edit to the configuration that need to be made to make sure that the minimum of at least 1 is set so you don't have a world without pears. Its possible that some could show up later on but I would check and see if you ended up with a world without the biome that they spawn in and that is why you have none. If you don't have that biome the only solution is to start a new world and get one with the biome available

  • @rentechd

    Right... figured as much..
    yeah no pears
    See for yourself

  • Yeah. I would make a bug report on github and then give it a few days and see if you get any that sprout up. If not and you need them (they are not really needed for much) you may have to restart or just live without them for now until the devs look at the issue and get a fix in a patch. As long as their is the right biome for them to grow though they should eventually sprout some unless that is bugged too

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