5.6 after loading the terrain. kicks back to servers list.

  • Updated the server to 5.6, but now everytime I try to enter the server....it says its loading the map and terrain, but it kicks me back to servers list ...does that every time.

    do you guys know how to solve this problem.

  • Did you let the server completely generate the world before logging in the first time? You should wait until it passes through all stages ...generating terrain, carving world features, padding, freezing, finishing etc and reaches an idle state. Logging in while this is happening has been known to cause world errors.

    If this is the case I would suggest generating a new world and letting in finish before logging on. If this is a world you have played on before I would try the following; Backup Game.eco and put it in a safe place. Delete Game.eco from the storage folder and rename Archive.eco to Game.eco (case sensative) and start the server and see if you can log on then. If that still causes a problem I would start tying backups until you find one that is unaffected and you can log in.

    You can load the Game.eco up to google drive or dropbox and the create a bug report in github and link the world save, Game.eco, to it so the devs can take a look. They probably can't fix it for you but might be able to see what caused the problem to keep it from happening in the future.

  • I found a error that didnt let users connect to the server, me included, and by deleting their user (open Game.eco with WinRAR) from the Users folder resolved the issue. Removing their file from game.eco mean they have to start from day 1 when joining the server again, so I was lucky that was a test server.

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