Contracts and how they work?

  • Hello there all,

    I resently setup a contract on the server i am playing on and setup a depot with a chest near it and ticked the box to allow it to put stuff in there.
    At first the deliverer couldnt see the chest through the depot so i set it to public but he added it to the chest but he still cant complete the contract.
    Are we doing something wrong in the setup???

    Thanking you in advance,,


  • The contract system still has some implementation steps to go I believe. However you should post this as a bug report to github for the devs attention. Instructions for linking to the issues area in github for bug reports is pinned in the support/bug reports forum in the how to report pugs thread.

  • Well i wasnt sure if it was a bug or i was doing something wrong that why i listed it here.
    If it sounds like a bug i will add it there.

  • I would go ahead and add it and let the devs let us know if its a big or not - contacts should be completing

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