Nemo Eco (

  • Hey there everybody!
    I've been playing Eco for about 3 days now..
    Anytime I think I'm going to like I game I throw up one, or maybe even two servers for it on my network

    For the past 3 days I've been pretty much by myself, I know there's a shortage of players and an over population of servers but
    Let me tell you why you should play on mine.

    1. This server is never going to shut down, ever. I've hosted my ark servers for the past year with 98+% uptime. Check
    2. I'm dedicated to my servers, even when I stop playing the games (For example, I haven't played ark in a long time XD)
    3. We have teamspeak/discord, check
    4. Uhh? You've got server reliability, and a pretty cool guy running the show, what more do you want?

    A little bit about the server
    -It's a 1x map, so I hope you're ready to work together! :D
    -There's no meteor, don't kill the planet ;)
    -Usually I'm pretty lax about server rules, I'm not uptight, I don't care about profanity or vulgar behaviour, don't get me wrong griefing is not okay, but idgaf about what you say in chat. I don't have a list of rules yet, but you should get the general idea. ;)

    So, what'a ya say?
    Lets be friends :D

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