Tailings, Pollution, and Disposal Questions

  • Hi! So I'm incredibly new to the game and I made my first iron ingots
    I've read quite a bit on tailings and I was hoping you guys would be able to tell me that im disposing of them properly or not

    As you can imagine, without knowing the consquences of my actions.. lol.. A fair bit of my land is polluted.. I know it goes away over time... so I have a few more questions and to restate my first question..

    1. Am I disposing of these tailings properly?
    2. About how long does it take for the ground pollution to dissapate
    3. Will pollution spread from tailings that are: In a cart, Shovel, mortar block building?

    Thanks! :D

  • Your on the right track... A stock pile is better, you can store EVEN more tailings in 1 area. You need too dig deep, bellow soil level, you need a at least 5x5x5 area of NONE broken stone, top, bottom and walls

  • Ah I see Time to get to work then because my map is starting to look like picher, oklahoma
    XD Google it :P

    okay got it all sealed up...

    Any estimate on about how long until the ground recovers?tailings2.jpg

  • Did you cover it in them bricks? If so - you could still be in trouble... probably about 2 day too recover at 250% / that's how long mine took too recover

  • Actually I got it taken care of... or did...
    I have this HUGE room with 3 stock piles in it and it's sealed off and everything was fine until a moment ago...
    Is it possible to have too much tailings in one room?
    My map was nice and clean and now.. randomly without changing the room it isn't.tailings.jpg

    It's been like this for about 10 minutes, it's not spreading more than that, and there's probably ~300 tailings in a room far deeper underground than my original picture...

  • Okay... so...

    Can I put it in mortared stone?
    I mean it seems like mortared stone does the trick.. and it's not just stone...
    It seems like any unbroken ore, coal, stone, etc just not dirt works as well...
    but... let me draw a picture.

    Ontop of that, even when I make sure everything is stone it still seems to leak out ever so slightly...
    Which makes me think I'm doing something wrong, or simply going crazy.
    So like I said I've been keeping them at a minimum of 15 blocks down, 20 down if on a stock pile, and in stone 'rooms' of < 400 volume per room
    and it seems to keep it controlled...

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