World of Freaks[Mods][No Meteor][Free Big Shovels]

  • World of Freaks - We are always ready for more people. It's pretty active between noon to midnight US times. Very helpful people that will take you in and teach you, We all try to push you to get your own stuff to trade with others and master certain skills. We are organized in the plans to create a single Main town of shops only while there are a couple regular groups of people, one group at spawn that has both new and old players and then another group little further where they are on another side of the world. I'm an active admin and I don't make the perma decisions. We as a server vote on what things are to be done. Vote to add or delete mods, vote where the Market is going to be, etc. We are one. :)

    OH - Free Big Shovels to active members.


  • Another server... We have too many servers and not enough people you realise

  • Hello, why do you get upset for the advertising? :( Just want to show that the server is active and would like to recruit others that would like to socialize. :)

  • like i kinda quite my old server because we lack people , im trying to find a server that has people not emtpy servers. Do you know of any active servers?

  • Shots fired?

  • Updated to 5.6.1

  • dont let the nay sayers get ya down, good for you advertising :)

    many get discouraged because we have allot of chiefs who want to run or play the game a certain way but not enough Indians to fill them so folks server hope thinking they will find a good server. sadly this is how it will be till ECO hits Steam or drops its costs allot, and with that we will see more trolls and more private servers so its a trade off.

  • Yeah, we're still going. we've had 95 people come in since when I put this thread together. :)

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