Further Progression more Depth

  • I woud like to see more depth in game. I hope you know Minecraft and the "Mod/Addon" GregTech/Industrialcraft. Where you have to evolve out of Stone Age into Industrial Age with very deep progression. As example the Steel production. Where you have to get a Blast Furnace witch is fueled with coke coal or later on the Electric Blast Furnace which is fueled with Electric + Oxygen and for further progression you need to get circuit boards out of Rubber + Copper Wires + Stuff.

    I woud like to see a similar system because this game is for eduction too, why not a higher eduction grade? At my school class we are already working with those chemistry aspects like makeing steel (Learned so much only because of the minecraft mod with its formulas like H²O or similar things like Magnesium, Sulphur and so on.

  • Depth isn't the main focus while in alpha. There will definitely be more depth to the game in the future.

  • Definitely, we will be adding more depth and detail to the craft table through beta and beyond. Getting the core systems finished now but this is on the radar.

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