Who owns DarkCubes.Net? - User "Lionn" Trolling With Tailings...

  • As you can see, User "Lionn" has boxed in a load of tailings and claimed the area so my house is now sat at 250% pollution STARTING at the edge of his claim... Who ever owns Darkcubes.net Eco server, just ban him - he is a troll, the purpose of this game is to survive, work around the bad obstacles we shall face regarding tailings, only too have a user "Lionn" dump damn tailings outside my house, cover them in dirt then claim the land so I cant do nothing about it.

    Reason I believe its coming from there? Because right by his claim its measuring "250% pollution" and the further I walk from it, the lesser the pollution impact gets. I have never, ever has an disagreements, fights, or arguments with Lionn, so the reason he did this? Who knows - your guess is as good as mine.

    6.JPG 5.JPG 4.JPG 3.JPG 2.JPG 1.JPG

  • Wow what a jerk!

    We'll be setting up server laws so players can make this kind of thing illegal in their world.

  • Cheers JohnK! - It would be nice if administrators had more "powers" against trolling - as in, a system too remove stockpiles full of tailings, and powers too see who placed certain items. Thanks - keep up the good work, John!

  • I guess I am a huge jerk for this one.. This is what I get for trusting people I teamed up with on there! Stole my deed and put me in the crosshairs for blame!

    ... I'm still really sorry Evil.. I'll give you that ore eventually... :(

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