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  • Let's all try to keep the same format. I'll start it off:


    First Impressions Review...

    It only takes minutes from turning a game on to know if your going to like it or not and with this game I think it's got potential. I enjoyed my first couple of days playing with friends, there were a few bugs/glitches but nothing major that made it unplayable...

    I like the crafting table layout, simple to understand and simple to use, i like setting fees for others to use it, I like the visuals of the game, I like the books which unlock extra buildings

    I don't like building a separate building for each type of room, I want to just build it freely myself from which ever materials I choose, not be restricted to a certain material,
    I don't like having to wait lengthy times for items to craft (although this may improve later in alpha/beta when there are other things to keep you busy.
    I want to see what's in other players hands, I want to have a player list so I can see who's in the server (this would normally be done with TAB), animals glitching around the place makes it hard for hunting them but again this will be fixed later

    It's a good effort so far, definitely has potential to be a winner, looking forward to future updates.

  • thanks for your feedback=)

  • Thoughts:
    This thing really has potential to be something big and enjoyable to play with friends.

    Cons (start here to end on a good note):

    • A bit awkward to get started. The controls kind of threw me off with the whole "tab" thing to mouse around.
    • I also found on the mac client that my external mouse refused to make my head turn (and only be a menu mouse). I also wanted to update the look of my building after I made a holy roof but didn't have authorization to change it? Strange.
    • I feel that if the houses are prescribed, we could basically stand there with a tool and smash a post until all the requirements are met... it was very awkward jumping and attempting to build a box. I would suggest removing the prescription and just having requirements to the "inside item" ... for example I want to build a box to store things in, it says "make me an enclosed building". This way buildings could be reused?
    • Real world times, but not real world growth times? So time is 1:1 (cool), but my plants take 2minutes to sprout? Gotta pick one or the other I think, I vote for faster game time to give the growth a more realistic timeframe.


    • I was able to connect to my buddies server easily enough. There didn't seem to be too much lag.
    • The graphics are awesome, I like the "cartoony but realistic" look and the not-square-blocks. I'm a the "fantastic" graphic level
    • The economy and balancing of the "real world" physics seems pretty spot on.

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