• So I picked the game back up again after waiting for the update. I'm pretty impressed with the linked storage. It's a nice shortcut to getting things moving and done a lot faster then having to keep running back and forth or stacking trunk space ontop of one another just to be able to toggle the windows. The stock pile storage however is a little annoying in terms of it taking up a massive amount of space on your land and taking up room for farming or housing.

    What would be cool to do is if it were to made to look like some part of maybe an outside trunk like looking thing? Maybe something close to what a compost pit would look like or just barrels that rest along side houses instead of a large open padded area where wood, dirt, stone and sand can be stacked.

    The farming part is pretty glitchy and very slow in process. I do actually really love how the skills are set up. Where what you know branches off into sections and what you don't know is highlighted in grey. That actually makes it fairly easier to figure out where to go next in the game.

    The graphics look great and everything else seems a lot better though there are still little buggy issues here and there. I'm looking forward to getting more into the game again.

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