• how do I get power to my computer so I can research computer science?

  • I believe you need to make a laboratory in the research table then you make the computer in the laboratory

  • Thanks for the reply. I have made the lab and I have built the computer lab. there is a skill book in the in the computer lab called computer science that I have made all the components for but since there is no power to the computer lab it will not research it. I am trying to figure out how to get power to the computer lab to start my research

  • If it needs power it would need electricity. Though the skillbook may still be bugged and need an admin to spawn it in that's what we had to do in 5.5.4 to make electricity you would need an electric generator and gasoline. You make the gasoline from petroleum in the oil refinery and you get the Petroleum from a pumpjack

  • thanks again! I made an electric generator and fueled it. but I am still getting time 0% I think you are right that it is still bugged. Thanks for the help!

  • No worries mate

  • The computer science skill book still does not 'create' The book however will give you the skill and then you can move on to building and firing the lasers. You just need to have an admin spawn the book in for you. This has been this way for a few alpha's - I do not know when it will be implemented

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