Masonry 3 ? What the is that?

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    So, The Masonry tab is unlocked through research....
    A Chimney Top requires "Masonry 3" too unlock....
    The only 3 things in the "Masonry" Tab are - Cement "Processing", "GlassWorking" and "StoneWorking"

    So where on earth do I get this "Masonry 3" from too unlock the Chimney for my "Blast Furnace"

  • If I am not mistaken, Moderators has said that the Chimney is not working right. As of 5.6 You only need Pipes to get the nasty smoke out of that Blaster :)

  • Ahh, that's a lot easier than chimneys pipes :) - thanks

  • The chimney is getting reworked, and didn't get finished in time for the 5.6 release so for now it's not necessary to a room.

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