[A-5.6] Similar Plant too close (Cedar)?

  • As you can read in this post I can't gather birch seeds. So I got some cedar seeds but I have to plant them 12 bloc next each other (10 in between). Otherwise I will recieve the message "Similar plant too close".
    In my opinion 12 blocs are mutch to mutch distance to work with if many players require wood.

    Can someone tell me please where I can change the value to reduce this distance?

  • I am not 100% sure this is the correct answer but have you attempted to change the
    { "min": 10.0
    to a lower number in the EcoSim.eco file for the Cedar tree? Also understand that planting any closer than 10 blocks means that the branches may push on each other and can cause your tree to go flying across the map when being cut down.

  • This info was correct.
    I just feel wondering about that can cause trees flying across the map when being cut down if closer than 10 blocks, because the worldgenerator places the most of them with just 3 blocks in between (dschungle). I will see what will happen :D
    Thank you for your help! :)

    EDIT: With value 2.0 I can plant them with 4 blocks in between. With value 1.0 It seems that it needs still 4 Blocks.
    Anyway my short experience shows some pronlems. Even if there is no setling to see at the ground nearby, I recieve the message "Similar Plant too close" somethimes.
    All in all it's a bit tricky atm to plant a nicely looking treefarm.

  • The reason for the msg is "invisible" saplings in ground, if you use a soil sampler you can find the dirt spots that have a "tree" growing on them.
    Digging up the dirt and placing it back will 'fix' it, but it is annoying xD

  • @Ziltch great, thx! :)

  • doesn't work for me i flip the dirt wich indicates the cedar still in block but still get the same similar plant too close msg so it looks pretty barren around my house now

  • A server restart will fix the ghost tree issue.

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