Soil Sampler not showing Oil Amount

  • In 5.5 first the oil amount was shown. After some days I noticed the value disappeared...

    So I hoped for the Version 5.6 to bring it back (I migrated the world and the user Profile to the new release). But it is still not showing.

    Can I fix this without restarting a complete new world/user?


  • I am not sure that the oil not being listed is a bug - it may have intentionally been removed to be implemented in another tool. I will try and find out for you.

  • Look at this post:

    Oil Amount is showing up in every window of the soil sample values...

  • I asked the devs and that 'oil sampler' was a debug tool that 'snuck' into a build and it was never meant to be part of the tool. It was therefore removed and won't be coming back. SO actually it was a bug that it was in the tool at all, not that it is missing now.

    Sorry about that

  • Thank You for the quick answer... :)

    Not what I would like to hear, but so I have to live with it. Fortunately in 5.6 the World Layer display for oil shows the expected amount (in 5.5 it did not).

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