LAW System not working in 5.6 Release ?

  • I don't appear to have any World Stats or able to make any LAWs in 5.6 Release.
    IS this working and should the portal be 1 port up on my Server IP address i.e. xx.xx.xx.xx.3011
    (Server xx.xx.xx.xx:3010) Please advise if bug or something I need to set up. thx

  • There is an issue with Laws and the next patch will have the fix for this

  • being new to this, will it be possible to apply the patch without re starting a world ?

  • Yes - at least in most cases patches do not require a new world. If you already have a server that was broken by creating a law then its possible you might have to wipe depending on how the fix is implemented but usually the devs try to make it so you don't have to wipe

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