Sudden Population Drop

  • Hello Everyone,
    I left my private server running while I was out with the family for thanksgiving. I came back to see the following stats in the ECO Sim. Possible Balance Issue.png As you can see there has been a slight decline in Huckleberry since the half day mark. However, there was a brief spike of animal population at the 1.2 mark followed by a significant drop in animal population. I'm going to keep this going to see if the population can rebuild. I logged on expecting to see a lot of dead bodies but I don't see many. There is an Elk stuck running in place near my farm and there are a few dead Elk, Hares, and Wolves here and there but not a lot. Here is a screenshot of my initial village. I haven't gotten to the point of producing pollution yet so it isn't that.

  • Here is the village.

  • adding this to issue 429 life cycle needs balancing

    for devs its added here

  • thanks for your report=)

  • I did just notice the population didn't drop at all for the first day although I know I saw some die and even hunted a few elk and wolves myself. It could be the population graphs catching up to what had actually dropped off?

  • i think it might be a massive death suddenly :S maybe they die of old age?

  • Death by old age counter in the law page shows 0 for Wolves, 95 for Hares, 126 for Elk. So it could be that as well.

  • Coming up to the end of day 2. I checked the population levels and the deaths by old age and starvation and here is what I see. I know this is a balance issue but I still find it all fascinating. As you can see starvation deaths are well above old age rates. In the second screen shot you can see that plant life has not dropped much at all. So basically nothing is eating?
    Nearing the end of Day 2.png
    Nearing the end of Day 2 Plants.png

  • When I was poking around in the Stats tab noticed that nothing is currently 'Edible' nor does it seem to mature running the sim. Have watched all the animals die off completely by the end of Day 3 a few times now. Been playing with the config, but figured it wasn't something they were testing yet, not sure though =)
    Screenshot of the Stats tab showing none of the plants or animals are 'Edible'

  • i guess they tested it .. but with fast forward .. might have given them different results

  • Yea, there's clearly large issues here, ever world I make after a day or two is basically devoid of animal populations for no reason.

  • I think the population graph does include the dead bodies, because I've had the same problem, a lot of dead bodies laying around and then suddenly the next day a big population loss spike for all animals. I also had the same problem with animals running in one spot, not being able to move, even when shot at - probably the reason for not being able to reach the food sources. I haven't noticed any animal reproduction yet either.

  • I kinda get the feeling that animals are neither able to eat nor able to reproduce (since they can't properly eat and build up there "foodPoints" needed for offspring)

    But since it's the first Alpha version, you might expect this to happen.
    Would also explain the non-increasing and than drop. (Death by starvation.. ;) )

    Shouldn't that go to "Bugs" instead of Stories?

  • woops .. dint notice this was in the wrong category =) moving it to bugs then, since i reported this as a bug

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