How to Turn Birch Tree seeds back on in 5.6

  • That is correct. You can edit the file and the change will take effect when the server restarts, you do not have to regenerate the world like you would if editing something in

  • You can edit it directly on the "Simulation" tab on the server admin tool. So you don't need to restart the server and effect is immediately active ;)BirchSeedSetting.PNG

  • @Gandur That is a good note, but if your going through a server host most of them do not provide you access to this server admin tool pnael

  • Tried this on my server. No joy.

  • @toxxikz said:

    are you cutting the branches or breaking the leaves? you receive seeds from breaking the leaves. This can be done without cutting down a tree or breaking any branches.

    I chut the leaves with the axe. In this way I collect the cedar seeds.

    @Gandur said:

    You can edit it directly on the "Simulation" tab on the server admin tool. So you don't need to restart the server and effect is immediately active ;)

    Very nice advice, thanks! :)

    I edited the file, as I show above in my post in this topic. I searched for the SeedRange entry and I saved the file. I checked it again a while later and the entry is there. My edit was on the very first entry of SeedRange direchtly below the birchseeditem entry..
    That's why I 'm wondering after I opened the Species editor and checked the entry there like the advice of Gandur. Because there was still 0-0. So I changed as you can see in the pic below , saved the File and restarted the server.

    Still there are no seeds droping by cutting the leaves of birch trees Eaven the entry there after the reboot is still 1-1. Any ideas?


    EDIT2 sothat not an extra post just confirm that it works now :)
    I replaced with the orginal and edited the File again like in the description of rentechd. Works fine now, THX to all who helped me! Nice community!

  • Make sure that you have edited the right seedRange. SeedRange shows up in several places in but you need to edit the one specifically for the seed drop for the birch trees.

    This was the instructions that the devs gave us for fixing this issue and what will be the fix in the patch. We were only told about directly editing the configuration file as there were missed results when doing it through the console. When you edit the configuration file you will need to restart the server for it to take effect. The few cases where this has said to not work for people when was reviewed they had edited the wrong seedRange

    If this does not work for you then you probably have to wait for the patch that will contain the fix for it (and other things) and see if it works then.

  • Is this patch far away? Every single server I have been on has this issue, and since the game does not easily let me find the server admin it's pretty problematic as one has to do a bit work in game before noticing this bug.

    So far only one server in on has applied this fix.

  • This is fixed in the current staging of 5.6.1. 5.6.1 is stable and is due to be released on Monday so there is no reason you cannot upgrade to it now

  • We have to reset the world with this patch?

  • No

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