[5.6] permissions issue. Theft issue

  • After some brief testing my friend and I noticed a major flaw. I had access to his research table via whitelist and I went to the storage tab to move items into my inventory to move to the research table. The items in question was wood, I could not access his stockpile directly but I could move items from it's storage page to my inventory when accessed through a research table.

    I did some testing with his store, it must be set to public or white list with the people you wish to sell to in order to trade. I could access his store chest via the storage tab and take things. This is a huge issue from our perspective. I'm going to try to do this with a 3rd party and verify

  • I confirmed with some random person's store. I was able to access their storage and remove items. (don't worry I put them back)

  • After a bit more testing we have discovered that if the store is the only thing that is public (or whitelisted with my name) there is no issue, if I am allowed access to the research table (public or whitelisted with my name added) I could get into his storage containers.

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