My notes from migrating from to 5.6

  • Team,

    I thought I'd share my findings on my quest to upgrade an old world ( to the current version (5.6). Please note that this is not recommended by the Eco Dev's, and is not supported by any devs! Please do not bug them for any support on how to convert your old games to current version. This is unsupported, and was strictly for my amusement.

    I received the email yesterday about the 5.6 release, and I asked on Discord if there was any issues with upgrading your old world to current version. Pam mentioned that..

    Frenchy its recommended that you create a fresh world
    if you want to try and use a 5.5 world you can but you will lose everything in in tables and chests etc and it might have other issues. couple of people have done it - but said they had to edit many files to get it to work right but its up to you.
    the devs do recommend that you start a fresh world
    its the change to linked inventories that is the problematical change

    So of course, I had to try to convert my old world to new. Wifey and I stuck on version at the time as we found some of the bugs at the time didn't work for us, so we stuck to 5.5.3 instead of jumping to 5.5.4.

    I won't bore everyone with my narrowing down the problem, and leave you with the notes that worked me. I'll post an update later after playing a few hours with wifey to let you know how it played out, but at least I was able to get the console loaded, with no errors, and a successful "Converting World" message.

    Steps I Took:

    1. Extract a fresh copy of your 0.5.6 Server as usual.
    2. Create a "Storage" folder in your 0.5.6 Eco Server folder
    3. Copy your from your Storage folder to the newly created storage folder for 0.5.6
    4. I associated .eco files with Winrar ( is a zip file), so I opened with Winrar to view the contents. As noted by Pam, it's not suggested to change your file association as other .ECO files are text files. I associated the extension as it was convenient to narrow down the offending object, I will be removing said association when done.
    5. Browse to the "Objects" folder, and I deleted the following,
      • All "Powered Cart" entries (Example: Powered Cart-ec326c56bb6340859f118f8cff364d2f)
      • All "Wood Cart" entries (Example: Wood Cart-f1c0e11b2f0c46ffb30b3cfa9d318962)
    6. Close Winrar, and launch the Server.

    After isolating the source of the error message, looks like carts were causing my issue. By removing all Powered and Wood Carts seem to fix my issue, now on to other testing to see what else broke. I hope this was informative. **Again, as mentioned above, this is not supported by the Dev's, They will always recommend starting a fresh game between versions. **

  • Just a note; Associating .eco files with winzip could pose a problem for you with other files. is a compressed file and you do need to use winzip, but all the configuration files also use the .eco extension and are not compresses (zipped) files. They are actually just text files. Associating .eco with winrar or winzip will then cause issues if you go to open a configuration file - and winzip tried to open a text file.

    My advise is to skip the step associating .eco to winzip or winrar - it will not keep you from using them for opening (extracting) you just have to select winrar or winzip (or 7z for that matter) as the tool to use to extract

  • So I wanted to provide an update to everyone on how this migration went. Again I stress that this is not supported by the Dev's, and was only a fact finding mission on my behalf to see if it was possible. I would not suggest trying this.

    Well, Wifey and I finally decided to get back to Eco, and the migrated world seems to have worked for the most part. When we started the world, I was surprised to see that my generators were still going and that unlike the release notes, all my chest still had there contents. The problem we ran into was that we couldn't take or put anything in the chest. The chests that had big materials (ore, tailings, gold, stone, etc..) were basically not usable. At this point we decided that we start a new world, was hoping that our Seed for our world would generate the same world on 0.5.6, but it didn't.

    Also not having an understanding of how the stockpiles worked, presented us with a learning curve that we weren't ready for. I see the value to starting a new world, and starting fresh to get a handle on how the new stockpiling system works.

    Overall, I would say that the while the migration was a success (no errors after my intial changes), it left us with a partially broken world, filled with chest that we couldn't manage/empty.

    Thanks for reading my update. Again I mention, this is not a support process, nor will I help/assist anyone trying to migrate an old world from a previous alpha version. Please do not solicit anyone on discord, or the support forums for this kind of support.

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