Managing Pollution?

  • Had Eco a while, only really had time to invest recently (so had to convert 5.5.4 -> 5.6, relatively painless other than deeds seeming to be orphaned i.e. can't hammer my own cart).

    Set up a stockpile for tailings and within 5 minutes half the map looks like Chernobyl. The instructions on pollution/waste management are a litle vague.


    • What counts as sealed tailings? Can loose shovelled rock work? Masonry? Brick? Concrete (my goal)?
    • Does the pile also need capping on top?
    • Will the ground ever recover? If not game seems to punish you for not keeping your ore operations halfway across the map.


    • As far as I can tell there's a basic CO2 ppm counter, pollution + animals vs. trees. Raising it arbitrarily raises the water level, no observed effect on temperatures/ice biomes, is this the case?
    • Again, is this reversible? Say I halt industry and start mass planting?

    I suspect things will be less of an issue if the ever get water handling mechanics (dams/seawalls and tailing ponds) but right now it seems overly punitive considering I'm only a one-man operation on this server, makes me look like a Captain Planet villain.

  • from what devs had said 'sealed' is mortared stone buried underground - dirt touching all sides.

    The pollution form tailings should not have covered half your map in 5 minutes. If so you have the game speeded up or something else is wrong.- it takes a great deal longer to get pollution creep out of a tailing block to hit even 10 blocks from center (at least a game day). If it go half your map in 5 minutes your world is bugged and I would advice recreating it for testing so you get accurate results

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  • @T0K07 said:

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    Relevanz im Spiel?

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