Running an ECO Server on a NAS

  • Hey Guys, did some of you try to setup an ECO Server on a NAS like e.g. Qnap TS-251?

    How could this work?

  • I would say it could work in theorie but its not somthing thats very effective in range of stabel performance.

    From what i read up about this specific nas your calling here Qnap TS-251, its hase memory upgrade capability's and can run a virtual machine software. and it hase a stronger cpu then the average nas, but its still a weak cpu to run a server on but posible,

    Passmark benchmark scores,
    Intel Celeron J1800 @ 2.41GHz - 1026 points (in the Nas)
    Intel Core i3-7100 @ 3.90GHz - 5921 points (modern budget cpu 125$)

    But in theorie it could be posible, add atleast 1gb preferebly a bit more of ram, install any os compatible with the NAS and eco on there and boot it up,

  • I assume you are asking for the server ?

    For the server - I am pretty sure that, while it is doable, its going to have huge resources issues especially with the CPU as the game, at least during world generation is highly resource intensive. It also would need more RAM. You would need to run a Windows OS as the server is only supported for windows.

    Now if your talking about the client - RAM and CPU will still be an issue and so too maybe network communications that might lag out your game. The client will run on Linux and Mac and if you put Linux on the NAS it might do better for you.

    I would actually not recommend that you go out and purchase an NAS for this game but if you have one sitting at home and want to try it out it would be worth a try I guess except that it might require you to sink money into it for CPU and RAM upgrades to even try.

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