[5.6] Tree growing on stockpile

  • Hey there!

    I've just started to play the official 5.6 version and i love it so far.
    I just logged into a server i was playing on a couple hours back and i noticed a tree growing on my existing stockpile.
    Now... i love more wood but i don't think this is intended lol.



  • cut it down and nice graphic settings :)

  • The stockpile looks like its full of dirt (hard to tell with the graphics settings) but looks like dirt and trees can grow on dirt wherever it is as long as it has light. If you want you can just chop it down :)

  • Welcome to potato laptop gaming & ye most games run at 30- fps lol, even with low settings rip.
    &Ye cutting it down is the easy solution but i was thinking i'd report it anyway since it doesn't make sense that trees are growing on top of my stockpile filled with dirt and other mats. The tree itself is growing on a dirt tile which is in the stockpile, indeed.

  • Trees grow on dirt :) Actually I see plants and trees growing on stock piles of dirt all the time. Of course you can make a report of it but I don't think its far fetched to think that wild seeds can't just take root in a dirt stock pile - piling dirt up does not keep stuff from growing on it.

  • 20170622193617_1.jpg

    Here is an update of the growing tree haha, almost fully grown. :D

  • well it is just a pile of dirt like any other i don't see why a tree couldn't grow there. A stock pile is just a pile, so if you keep dumping dirt into a pile its still dirt in a pile and a tree can grow from there.

  • Yeah not a huge issue but they might fix it eventually, idk, it's up to them whether or not this is an issue.
    Extra details:
    Removing dirt from the stockpile (or any resource) with an already growing tree on top of it doesn't remove the tree; so if one is growing it won't remove itself unless you remove it yourself. In my current stockpile the tree is placed on a rock tile. No new trees are growing on any of my stockpiles with various resources.

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