Do the Laser and Truck work in 5.6?

  • Hey,
    Before I start playing 5.6 tonight I would really like to know a couple things. I know in 5.5 the laser was an invisible world block that didn't do anything (which infuriated me when I finally got to it). I also remember the truck was an unmovable chest. Are those 2 things implemented now, or should I not waste my time dumping any points into top tier research?

  • 5.5 lasers did work, 5.4 that didn't.

    5.5 power carts worked as well, can not recall when they was just a chest tho...

    So, I am sure in 5.6 they work.

  • Hmmm interesting, I'm pretty sure it was 5.5 that I got up to the laser, but had the same issue as 5.4 where it was an invisible world block. I built and placed a few of them with the same issue. I think it was only a few months ago that I shutdown our public server because I was so pissed I did it all for nothing. I think they actually took the truck out near the end of 5.5, since it wasn't implemented. It was an actual "truck" that was in one of the end-game benches, but was a chest if you placed it. The icon was correct though. Different vehicle than the powered cart though, it took high end materials.

  • In 5.5.4 Lasers worked. We destroyed meteors on several servers I played on. The computer skill box was not implemented in 5.5.4 and you had to spawn it in but once you did you could complete the skill tree and launch a laser which would kill the meteor. This is still the case in 5.6

    the powered cart was fixed in 5.5 and worked pretty well. both carts still had some glitches but were pretty usable. Some people experienced no difficulties at all. They have done more work on vehicles for 5.6 and added the excavator now.

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