How to set map size ?

  • Hi folks, if setting up a new game, how do I set the map size and max number of players ?


  • There is no configuration in game for 'max players'. This is usually controlled by the server.

    As for the world size: In the at the to you will see dimensions listed.. the default is 100X100. You can change this to make the world bigger (or smaller). The dimensions must be an even number or the world generation will crash in most cases. 140X140 is a 2X world, 172X172 is a 3X world and 200X200 is a 4X world. In alpha its not recommended to exceed a 4X world. The large a world the longer it takes to generate the world completely - up to an hour on large world depending on CPU available.

    Edit: Meta has confirmed that there is a bug with world dimensions and recommends building worlds in 100X100, 140X140 or 200X200 (default, 2X and 4X)

  • for max number of players go into the file in the config folder. at the bottom you will see "MaxSlots"; -1, change that -1 to what ever limit you want like maybe if you only want 20 players you set it to 20, at -1 it does not put a limit on the number of players that can join the server.

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