[Server Bug] Door turning into stone

  • Server, Client or Website? Server

    OS/Web Browser? Windows 7

    Detailed Description of Issue:
    I placed a door and it came out as a stone block(not raw stone).
    I could even remove it with a hammer and in my inventory, it was Stone.
    My guess would be that it happened because I tried to place the door in a building that was still under construction.
    I was trying to build the Engine Factory.

    Additional Comments: How am I suposed to create 2 rooms? It keeps saying 1/2. I thought a door might fix that, but no cigar.

    Client Version? Build 0.1.5805.31407

  • door turning into stone is really strange ... could you make a video of it ? maybe we can see the cause for that in the video ? =)

  • I'll try, but I'm afraid I won't be able to right away, not much to see anyway.
    You don't actually see the door appear, it is a stone as soon as it is placed, as if I had been holding stone all along.
    The server crashes again like in the other report I made. I'll post my findings on that there though.

  • thank you =)

  • had something similar, placing a Roof down and its appearing as wood like the default wood that we use straight from trees, solving this i deleted a few other blocks around it and replaced them in a different order and it was fine,

  • @Plaztikman It didnt just look like stone though, it was actual stone.

  • I have had something similar happen when placing a object down that I just put into my active hot bar slot. For instance the following:

    1. Have Raw Stone in Slot 7
    2. Place Raw Stone Down
    3. Replace Raw Stone with Log
    4. Attempt to Place Log but get Raw Stone

    I find that switching between hot bar slots or just selecting that hot bar slot again will place the correct item. Was it something like that?

  • I had indeed just replaced the stone in my hotbar by the door.
    I'm afraid I can't test the second part since my world has crashed.

  • I have succeeded in turning my pickax into stone, but it didn't happen as was described above.
    While I was building my refinery with stone blocks I misplaced a block.
    I was using my numbers on my keyboard to switch to my hammer.

    Now it happened fast so I'm not 100% sure, but this is what I think happened.
    I chose the wrong number, namely the one my pickax was in.
    If you start clicking too soon after you switch you won't actually start swinging, which I did.
    But on top of that, I right clicked. This caused my pickax to disappear from my inventory and a stone block to appear in front of me.
    My pickax was nowhere to be found and I had to make a new one.

  • ok, created an issue for this =)

    for developers https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/Eco/issues/478

  • Issue has been fixed by devs. You will receive this fix in the next server release.

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