What happens when a blst furnace is under ground?

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  • @Fluffy05 same thing as if it were on the surface, I have tried and a few friends tried to put the blast furnace underground with a large stone room above the chimney, it works but it doesn't stop the pollution spread. I thought stone was supposed to stop the spread of pollution but apparently it can't contain air pollution.

  • Actually this makes real life sense if you think about it. The furnace, wherever it is, would have to be vented. I would think even more so underground then just on the surface in a building. You can't run a furnace that puts off smoke and particulate matter and just hold it underground with you - you would die. SO it would have to be vented to the outside and into the air and so would be air pollution in either case. Even if there were massive air purifiers and recyclers that filtered and cleaned the air, you would still have to remove gases and send those gases somewhere. Even at its best some of that pollution would escape

  • @rentechd said:

    Actually this makes real life sense...

    You'r right. I did the same as Floffy05 and I add a pipe going up to 15 blocks high in the air. Also I sorrounded the pipes with stone. Anyway there is the same pollution at the top of the pipe aswell at the bottom in front of the blöast furnance.
    So I like to know if this pollution is coming from the air, the pipe, the furnance or all of them in equal?

  • i meant if i put every thing under ground like the blast furnace and the cimmny

  • our town has a single exhaust pipe running over 150 blocks away from the town and stands almost 30 blocks in the air at the exhaust point and it runs all of our machines smog through it, we dont have leaks or pollution anywhere else on the map but that one spot.

    also ment to add, i cut the pipe in the middle of the mountain once, let it run for awhile to see what would happen if i could dump it into the mountain if it would contain and no it seemed to spread as if nothing could stop it.

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